Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kekoldi Bird Banding Update

We've gotten some neat birds in our nets at Kekoldi recently. Some of them haven't been caught here before, but some are just pretty (and some are both pretty and unusual). Here are a few of our favorites.

White-necked jacobin (male)
Green-breasted mango (male). New to Kekoldi.
Violet-crowned woodnymph (male; above and below)

Bronzy hermit (perching after a harrowing escape from
spider's web after we'd processed it)
 Biting Things: Saltators, Grosbeaks, and Caciques
Grayish saltator (new to Kekoldi)
Blue-black grosbeak (male)
Slate-colored grosbeak (new to Kekoldi)
Scarlet-rumped cacique (new to Kekoldi; above and below)

...and the Manakin
White-collared manakin (male). Males get special colored bands
so that we can re-sight them at their leks (mating dancefloors).

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  1. Those smaller birds are so colorful and pretty!